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Streamlined, EFFICIENT, and Secure

Our dedicated in-house integrity team offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure your pipelines operate safely and efficiently at all times. From urgent lead repairs to extensive maintenance programs, we're equipped to handle all aspects of pipeline integrity management.

Our full-service approach includes regular inspections, maintenance, monitoring, and the necessary repairs and upgrades to prevent failures and leaks, safeguarding both the environment and operational continuity.

AC Interference - The Hidden Risk:

AC interference can be a significant safety hazard in areas near electric transmission circuits, potentially causing damage to pipelines or railroads. This interference can lead to pipeline coating damage, corrosion, and hazardous conditions for personnel.

Modeling and Mitigation Design:

Using Safe Engineering Services CDEGS software, EIU builds detailed 3D models of pipeline and transmission layouts to analyze induced voltages and AC current densities. Our mitigation system design strategically reduces AC interference to safe levels by grounding the pipeline, optimizing safety and performance.

Installation and Safety Measures:

EIU's installation process covers all necessary steps, including landowner notifications, permitting, and site restoration. We also provide electrical safety inspection services for pipeline projects, actively monitoring and preventing potential hazards during construction.

AC Mitigation Inspectors and Testing:

Our trained inspectors ensure proper installation of mitigation systems, overseeing excavation, welding, and wiring. After installation, EIU conducts thorough testing and commissioning to verify the system's effectiveness and alignment with model results.

Comprehensive Site Survey:

EIU performs detailed site surveys for each project, gathering crucial data like GPS locations, pipeline and facility dimensions, and soil resistivity. These surveys inform our design and installation strategies, ensuring tailored and effective solutions.

Additional Field Services:

EIU's field services extend to AC-CIS, DCVG, coating inspection, and installations of test stations and RMUs, covering a broad range of electrical and instrumentation needs.